Eden Roc Experience

The Iconic Eden Roc

For the last 60 years, the Eden Roc has attracted movie stars, sports heroes, and other socialites and celebrities to the hotel, its restaurants while enjoying the sea, salt and sand of Miami Beach.  The Oceanfront resort Eden Roc is the legendary epicenter of classic and modern glamour in Miami Beach;  a refreshing mix of refinenement and sophistication.

In fall 2016, Nobu Hotel  will arrive at Eden Roc Miami Beach, following an extensive renovation and landmark restoration spearheaded by architect David Rockwell that will relaunch the iconic Morris Lapidus property. The hotel’s opening is part of Eden Roc Miami Beach’s transformation that will feature a Nobu Hotel-within the Eden Roc Complex and Nobu Miami, the beloved South Beach outpost of the Nobu restaurants’ global empire. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, legendary actor Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper are the masterminds behind Nobu Hotel, which will feature 206 guest rooms, 3 Penthouse Suites and 4 Penthouse Event spaces; Nobu Miami and Lobby Lounge; 24-hour in-room dining by Nobu Miami; 22,000 square feet of state-of-the-art spa and fitness facilities; innovative banquet and catering menus; four luxurious pools including an exclusive Nobu Hotel pool; and an acclaimed farm-to-fork restaurant concept, Malibu Farm. Nobu Hotel Miami Beach represents the same key principles as Nobu restaurants: a perfect balance of luxury, fun, craft and theater.


The oceanfront Eden Roc Miami Beach is located in the heart of Miami Mid-Beach, one of the city's most interesting and fastest growing areas, making it a convenient base for business travelers and a delightful destination for leisure travelers. The landmark Morris Lapidus property features the world's largest Nobu Restaurant & Bar and will welcome in fall 2016 Nobu Hotels' flagship property along with revolutionary farm-to-fork restaurant Malibu Farm.

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Developed by Miami real estate developer and founder of the Jefferson department store chain Harry Mufson, Eden Roc Miami Beach opened in 1956 directly north of the Lapidus-designed lavish Fontainebleau Hotel. Mufson's aim was to surpass the Fontainebleau in every manner, even poaching the same architect. Mufson had opened the Fontainebleau Hotel in 1954 with then partner Ben Novack but the two had parted on bad terms. Enraged by the betrayal of both his business partner and architect, Novack built a "spite wall" in 1962, a 14-story addition to the Fontainebleau on the edge of the property line, allegedly to block the sun from shining on Eden Roc Miami Beach's pool. The spite wall facing Eden Roc Miami Beach was nothing more than a blank concrete wall, except for one group of windows -- the windows from Novack's suite where he could look down on his arch-nemesis' pool in scorn. 
Though competition between the two is tightly entwined into the city's history, both hotels are now recognized as key players in the development of the city's beachfront style as well as the modern concept of a luxury resort. Eden Roc Miami Beach is a prime example of Miami Modern Architecture, known for its themes of glamour, fun and material excess. Inspired by the elegant Eden Roc in Antibes France, Lapidus traveled throughout Europe collecting statues, marble and Venetian glassware. The hotel opened in 1956 earning its reputation as "the Grande Dame of Miami Beach" during its heyday in the 50s and 60s.

The hotel became the favorite of myriad Hollywood luminaries such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Lauren Bacall and Ernest Hemingway. The hotel catapulted to the world stage with Harry Belafonte's performance at Café Pompeii, a supper club that offered entertainment and the opening of the ballroom, where Nat King Cole first sang Mona Lisa and gave the ballroom its name. Famed musicians continued to play at the property during its heyday including Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, The Supremes, Joe E. Lewis, Jack E Leonard and Wayne Newton. Comedians Liza Minelli, George Burns, Myron Cohen and Roberta Sherwood hosted raucous comedy hours while political figures including President Nixon, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Hoffa and his Teamsters held meetings and gave rousing speeches.

Now recognized as a historical monument, the Eden Roc Miami Beach has played an important role in the history of Miami and continues to be the legendary epicenter of classic and modern glamour on Miami Beach.

"If you create the stage setting and it is grand, everyone who enters will play their part." 

-Morris Lapidus


Eden Roc was designed by flamboyant architect, Morris Lapidus, who gained famed between 1929 and 1940 for designing Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's and later for his outrageous, opulent hotel designs as can be seen in Eden Roc's design.

The hotel took less than two years to build, opening in 1956. Its landmark status was cemented during the 1950s and 60s, when many celebrities and entertainers clamored to stay at the posh hotel. Lapidus, who died in 2001 at age 98, was a quintessentially American architect whose buildings embody the right to "the pursuit of happiness" asserted by the Declaration of Independence. Although mostly renowned for his Floridian exuberance, he also designed stores and hotels in Brooklyn; Washington, D.C., and beyond, including London's Portman Square Hotel.